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Brilliancy prizes round 6

Winner of a book from Winning Quickly At Chess are : Class A : Hilmir Freyr HeimissonClass B : Sander Stage-SteffensenClass C : Mathias UnnelandClass D : Ilkka KootaClass E : Tunav Chand Penki

Icelandic Chess

Why play chess? I pose this question to Einar Dagur Brynjarsson and Gudrun Fanney Briem, who are playing chess in the Analysis Room. Both are in Group E, the group for the tournaments youngest...

Omar Salama

Chess isn’t everything. But it may well lead to a lot. I have run into Omar Salama. He is not in Fredericia to play chess, nor is his children. As the only person in...

Brilliance prizes round 5

Winner of a book from Winning Quickly At Chess are : Class A : Bjarke Hautop KristensenClass B : Adesh EaswaralingamClass C : Benedikt BriemClass D : Ilkka KootaClass E : Einar Dagur Brynjarsson

Brilliance prizes round 3 and 4

GM Mads Andersen has selected the winners of brilliancy prizes for round 3 and 4. And the winners will get a book from Winning Quickly At Chess. Winners in round 3 :Class A :...

Brilliance prizes

In each round GM Mads Andersen will select a brilliancy game from each group. All winners will recive a chess book at the prize giving. The books are sponsered by Winning Quickly At Chess...

We are ready !!!

Thursday, while the players where arriving, Kasper and Michael Leon where very busy getting ready for showing all 30 games live.